AZB was founded in 1966 in Bolzano as a language school. Since then, AZB Cooperform has been active in South Tyrol in the promotion of multilingualism, in the organization and management of language courses and the certification of language skills. In 2013 AZB was acquired by Cooperform becoming AZB Cooperform and today counts on a permanent teaching apparatus of about 30 persons who are engaged in a continuous updating plan of all the most qualified systems for teaching foreign languages to young people, to adults and foreigners.
AZB Cooperform is a leading provincial organisation for school, professional, corporate and private language training, able to combine the advantages resulting from the experience and the wealth of experience of the entire network. Thanks to all this, an increasing number of institutions, companies, professionals and families regularly use our services throughout the Province and attend and participate every year in our courses and training projects for European and extra-European languages. With over 10,000 students per year who turn to AZB every year, our organisation is one of the largest operators in the sector in South Tyrol.


AZB Cooperform Values – Guiding Principles for Personnel

» Transparency in all relationships
» Respect, appreciation and involvement of staff
» Respect for rules and ethics in internal relations, with the community and with the environment
» Excellence in the execution of all activities
» Satisfaction of all stakeholders
» Continuous improvement based on creativity and innovation

The Mission

AZB Cooperform’s mission – Multilingualism, innovation and values for a sustainable society:

» Sharing of values
» Multilingualism as a comparison between cultures
» Effective, efficient and dynamic management
» Success through people
» Culture of innovation
» Partnership for the creation of synergies
» Creating added value for customers